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- is the motto of our school.

The mission of this unit school is to respond to the needs of pre-school children and a strong foundation for further education and accomplishment.

Capitalize the "one teacher for everyone" and build a "school for everyone" in which, although different, are united in the pursuit and completion of goals.

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feedNews at Secondary School Nr.25

  • News 1

    Attention eighth grade graduates: We're waiting you for days of 30 June and 01 July, 9:00 to 11:00 and 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. , time slot for filling in the form (sheets with options).

    18 Mai 2011
  • News 2

    Conditions : 20.08.2012 - 31.08.2012
    VIII-th grades : 20.08.2012 - 22.08.2012
    II - VI-th grades: 27.08.2012 - 31.08.2012

    Training periods for II - VII grades: 20.08.2012 - 26.08.2012

    8 Mai 2011
  • News 3

    Participation at "1001 personaje de poveste" carnival by the time of National Book Festival "Axis Libri"

    8 Mai 2011
  • News4

    Creative arts exhibition held at CCD: "Freshness, beauty, purity in spring threshold", with School no. 16

    8 Mai 2011
  • News 5

    2nd grade students participation to "Carnival of the book", organized by the Library "VA Urechia" on June 1

    8 Aprilie 2011

Welcome to "Petru Rares" Secondary School's website!

"Petru Rares" Secondary School (or School Nr. 25) is a small and ambitious school, number two in Galati in the parent’s top, (based on assessments made by the local School Inspectorate).We have the second largest numbers of subscriptions in the city.

We pride ourselves with the ability to recover weaker students and bring them to performance level, because of the passion that fires up our teachers and our dedication to performance.

The fact that parents prefer to send their children to us is both an honour and a privilege. Their motives are many and here are some of them:

Very good grades and results, demonstrated by our:

    40% admission to the best high schools in town
    100% admission in high school in the first stage of exams
    Awards after awards for all our school competitions

Our teachers are exceedingly well prepared:

    all teachers work full time, we have no part-timers
    25 from 48 of them have the First Didactic Degree
    our teachers train all the time

Extra-curricular activities and many varied educational projects

Pedagogical practice for future teachers

Zero school dropouts

Excellent student behavior

Five years old Debate club, the place where parents, students, councilors and psychologists meet

heartOur school as described by our students’ words

...We have exceptionally good teachers, the head-master involves personally in all the school's problems and my fellow students are nice and friendly and we get along very easily.- Matei Butucescu, Eight Grade
School – my second home! ... A home in which colleagues become brothers and teachers become parents. This is the magical house where we learn the secrets of knowledge - Miruna Cazacu, Fourth Grade
My school ("Petru Rares") fascinated me in all these four years. My school is the living proof of the old proverb: "Powerful perfumes are best kept in small bottles”.- Andra Boca, Eighth Grade

Contact us at


Street Str. Basarabiei Nr. 25
Galati, Romania

Phone: 0236 414 048
Fax: 0236 466 649



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