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Consultation with parents:     Wednesday,     19.30 - 20.15


Class VI D -Diriginte,  Prof.  GURAU NINA


1.Bahnea Ionut Alexandru

2.Bahnea George Ionel 
3.Baltatu Laurentiu Andrei

4.Berbeci Eusebiu Marius

5.Boroda Diana Alexandra

6.Costea Radu Andrei

7.Dan Adrian

8.Drosu Cristian

9.Grigore Andrei Stefan

10.Hagiu Denis Marian

11.Ionascu Roxana

12.Lehadus Kristin Stefania

13.Constantin Ioana

14.Miron Andreea

15.Mita Marcela

16.Nica Cristina Georgiana 
17.Oanca Adela Elena

18.Podasca Antonio Alexandru

19.Popa Denisa Adriana

20.Rugeanu Georgiana Adelina

21.Sarghi Spartacus Marian

22.Topala Cristian Lambros

23.Vina Cristina Mihaela

24.Rusu Adrian Gabriel


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...We have exceptionally good teachers, the head-master involves personally in all the school's problems and my fellow students are nice and friendly and we get along very easily.- Matei Butucescu, Eight Grade
School – my second home! ... A home in which colleagues become brothers and teachers become parents. This is the magical house where we learn the secrets of knowledge - Miruna Cazacu, Fourth Grade
My school ("Petru Rares") fascinated me in all these four years. My school is the living proof of the old proverb: "Powerful perfumes are best kept in small bottles”.- Andra Boca, Eighth Grade

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